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              1. 每日一讀


                Returnable Packaging Market is Expected to Grow from USD 104 Billion in 2021 to USD 12.43 billion by 2029
                譯:可回收包裝市場預計將從2021的1040億美元增長到2029年的124.3億美元 2023-01-12
                Millet Price in America Bottoms at $559 per Ton, Losing 13% over 2022
                譯:美國小米價格跌至每噸559美元,比2022年下跌13% 2023-01-10
                Frozen Vegetable Price in U.S. Averages $1,289 per Ton
                譯:美國冷凍蔬菜價格平均每噸1289美元 2023-01-09
                Cyber-Attack Threatens Release of Port of Lisbon Data
                譯:網絡攻擊威脅里斯本港數據的發布 2023-01-06
                Venezuela, Colombia Open Binational Bridge to Boost Trade
                譯:委內瑞拉和哥倫比亞開通兩國大橋促進貿易 2023-01-03
                U.S. Christmas Decoration Price Declines 10% to $3 per Unit
                譯:美國圣誕節裝飾價格下跌10%,至每套3美元 2022-12-16
                Copper Prices Traditionally a Barometer for the Global Economy are Expected to Soar Next Year
                譯:銅價傳統上是全球經濟的晴雨表,預計明年將飆升 2022-12-15
                TRADE X Opens New Automotive Trading Facilities in Kenya
                譯:TRADE X在肯尼亞開設新的汽車貿易設施 2022-12-13
                Circle Logistics Leads Industry by Tracking Over 90% of its Loads
                譯:Circle Logistics通過跟蹤90%以上的貨物,引領行業 2022-12-12
                Rising Prevalence Of Life-Threatening Diseases To Promote Genetic Analysis Market Demand
                譯:威脅生命的疾病患病率上升,促進基因分析市場需求 2022-12-08
                Firms will Struggle to Differentiate between Contract and Full-Time Employees
                譯:公司將努力區分合同制員工和全職員工 2022-12-06
                American Airlines Cargo Extends its Extensive Transatlantic Network this Winter
                譯:今年冬天,美國航空貨運公司擴大了其廣泛的跨大西洋網絡 2022-12-05
                Transport Pro Integration Expedites Data-Driven Spot Quoting for Circle Logistics
                譯:Transport Pro集成加快了Circle物流的數據驅動現場報價 2022-12-01
                Port of Houston box Numbers Stay High in Softening Market
                譯:休士頓港集裝箱數量在疲軟市場保持高位 2022-11-30
                SC Ports Remains Fluid while Handling record Volumes in October
                譯:SC港口在10月份處理創紀錄的交易量時仍保持流動 2022-11-28
                US Rail Union Votes Down Latest Labor Deal
                譯:美國鐵路工會投票否決最新勞工協議 2022-11-25
                Intermarine Joins Forces with WeShip Projects and Launches Intermarine Asia
                譯:Intermarine與WeShip項目合作,推出Intermarine Asia 2022-11-24
                Why Digital Acceleration Is the Narrative to Adopt
                譯:為什么要采用數字加速敘事 2022-11-23
                How to Become an Award-Winning Workplace
                譯:如何成為屢獲殊榮的工作場所 2022-11-22
                60% of U.S. Small Businesses are Investing in Cash Flow Tools Ahead of the Holidays
                譯:60%的美國小企業在節前投資現金流工具 2022-11-21